Last weekend, a group of us drove up to Lake Arrowhead for a cabin sketching trip!

My friends gave me a heads up about actual snow well in advance, but coming from the Great North, I’d scoffed at the idea of a Californian winter. Well, Canada, it only took one severely under-dressed afternoon for me to eat my words 🥶

Something about a chonky set of COPICs makes any situation feel instantly ✨artistic✨

The trip involved all the cozy comforts you’d expect from a cabin experience - group cooking, fireplace shenanigans, wood chopping… what did take us by surprise was that Lake Arrowhead was a private property! Meaning we couldn’t come anywhere near this body of water unless we were staying in one of its snazzy riverbank Airbnbs. This time, it was the European in me that had scoffed.

In the evening, we sat down to pass around our favourite pieces of media and share what these stories meant to us. I often think of the connection between an artist and their art quite like the bond between two people, so learning about everyone's meet-cute moments with their art felt special.

Coincidentally, this week also marked my three year anniversary at Netflix. Any semblance of job longevity is something to be grateful for these days, but I feel extra lucky to keep working with teammates I cherish as friends, too. Let's go touch some green again, soon!

From Ji Young's magical sketchbook. She has a knack for capturing the little and delightful ✨

Until next time!

If you'd like to give art reflection a try, feel free to borrow these prompts!

✍️ Journalling Prompts

  • Reflect on your values as an artist. What is important to you in your process and storytelling? How do these values differ between your personal art and professional work?
  • Grab an artist friend. Pick 3 favourite pieces of media each (physical format preferred!) and share what they mean to you. As you listen, stay curious and ask your friend questions to understand their mindset. Optional - Munch on some good food as you’re reflecting together!
    • Alternatively, pick 3 completed pieces of art you are the most proud of and share why you chose them. Focus on what feelings come up as you talk about them. How could these feelings inform your art practice this year?