🐡 What is Zeet Studio Sketch?

Zeet Studio Sketch 猹鱼 runs virtual costume & life drawing sessions hosted by animators Koro and Sophie. The class caters to animators and illustrators! Based in Beijing, the group recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary.

Sessions tend to run weekly and are known for their high-quality costumes and posing and the live demo artist feed whose work attendees can watch as they draw along.

Classes are structured between shorter and longer poses, with some headshots thrown at the end for those who want to practice portrait drawing. From my experience, poses usually vary between 30sec to 10min. A Zeet Host usually chats with the demo artist while drawing (most often in Chinese) and there is a brief Q&A at the end.


Zeet is hosted on an app called CCTalk, which has a Desktop and Mobile version. I made this guide for non-Chinese speaking artists who aren't sure how to access it.

The next steps will demonstrate how to download the Desktop version of CCTalk on MacOS (should be the same on all other operating systems).

For the Mobile app, please reference this Instagram Story tutorial on Zeet's page.

If you don't understand Chinese: As Zeet is based in Beijing, most attendees and demo artists will be communicating in Chinese. This guide is meant for those who are purchasing the sessions accepting that the audio + chat will not be translated for them and only care about the model and visual drawing demo.
Disclaimer: This post doesn't represent Zeet Studio Sketch! 

What you'll need

  • A computer or laptop (Windows or Mac)
  • A working PayPal account
  • Enough space to Install CCTalk App

🐡 Step 1: Downloading CCTalk App

Click on the card below and download the CCTalk Installer based on your OS:

CCtalk 实时互动教育平台-专业的知识分享与在线教育平台

🐡 Step 2: Install -> Run CCTalk App -> Log in


Run the Installer (on MacOS, you might have to give it permission in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy).

The app's Intro screen should show up in your system language (or English).

Click on Sign up via email to create a new account. Fill out the required fields and follow the instructions.

🐡 Step 3: Finding Zeet's CCTalk Page


Once you're in the app, paste 猹鱼 into the Search bar and press Enter.

Please reference the clip above to find Zeet's icon (should have an orange checkmark next to it).

Once you click on Zeet's icon, you will see the landing page with thumbnails of all available classes. Newest classes tend to be on the top.

Find the right thumbnail and click on it!

🐡 Step 4: Purchase a Class


Once you pick a class, the session information page will appear.

  • I recommend copy-pasting the session details Google Translate if you'd like to find out more about the class (pose lengths, etc), demo artist and general Code of Conduct.
  • Class prices are shown in Chinese yuan (convert here). Individual sessions tend to cost cca USD 5.

To purchase the class, click on the hot pink button on bottom right.

🐡 Step 5: Purchase the Class with PayPal


Please follow the video above to reach the PayPal button.

After you click on it, a familiar PayPal interface should show up.

Once you complete the payment, you will be redirected back into the app automatically. If not, click through all buttons and return to the app.

🐡 Step 6: Access Class Stream in Sidebar


In the CCTalk Sidebar, click on the second button "Class". Your current session should now appear, along with all previously purchased ones.

Click on the stream, and the video should start.

If you're attending a live class, you can drop your drawings into the chat bar during class! Seeing how everyone interprets the same pose differently is super helpful!

Important: Any live or recorded classes you purchase are only available up to 6 months after the original livestream date due to the contract agreement with Zeet's Models.

(CCTalk also has an anti-piracy setup, so any screenshots and screen recordings will turn up blank.)

You did it! Happy Drawing!

Hopefully, this guide was more helpful than confusing!

And lastly - yours truly will be the Demo Artist for Zeet Studio Sketch this Saturday, Sep 24th 2022 at 8am EST!

The theme is Vietnam's Ao Dai, with a focus on shorter poses (because anything past 5 mins yields diminishing returns with me...)

Big thanks to Sophie for the invitation!